Smarto Games is “Handpicked collection of Games and Books “ which we are picking up minutely over a period of number of years of our journey in this essential field.

Important aspect associated with buying Games and activities is “Necessity” and or “Benefits” which the child is getting from it alongwith Fun and Joy. We have spend more than 7 years in understanding this and brought to you most appropriate Games & Activities. Providing right game , activity & book with appropriate difficulty level helps in bringing in more joy, interest for the child resulting in to deeper concentration and assures higher level of success for the child.


Smart Lab is the Skills development Lab provides learning by various methods which includes Teaching, Book Reference, Video, E Learning, Experiments in the Laboratory. Our education system possess Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics & Language labs for schools also Civil, Mechanical, Electronics Lab for Graduate education to improve areas of Soft Skills and Life Skills.

Lab Facilitation


We are providing material and a very small orientation. Majority of the activities in Lab are plug free & does not require any battery/electricity/computer etc



Students gets opportunity for Creativity , Imagination , Expression , Problem solving , Team Building , Critical situation handling and many more



Activities are of two types. 1. Readymade games which can be bought out at once & used infinitely 2. Consumable material activities which is available in any market with minimum price.

Smart Education


Every activity is documented & provided to the school in hard copy. Activities are taught to Teachers by conducting training sessions to understand and learn to use them for students



Usage Licence will be for life long period. Fees provided will be one time(Additional sets of ready games will be at MRP + Packing +Handling expenses

Non-Disclosure Agreement


School has to provide Non disclosure agreement and Limited use of the Know How for the designated School along with the teachers Non disclosure agreement


Our programs mainly aims at developing the awareness of Students, Parents, Teachers and educational institute to understand the need of Soft skills and Life Skills Development of students.


  • Multiple Intelligence Observation.
  • Multiple Skills Development Sessions.
  • Study Skills and Memory Techniques.
  • Soft skills and Life Skills Development.
  • Skill development for Slow learners.
  • Skill development for Gifted students.
  • Games and activities sale.
  • Counselling.


  • Workshops about
  • Types of Parenting and ideal parenting style.
  • Necessity of Skills Development for Students.
  • How to create opportunities for Children.
  • Do’s and Donts of parenting.
  • And many more topics.


  • Creative teaching techniques.
  • How to understand child from Multiple Intelligence point of view?
  • How to recognize strengths of children and direct them?
  • Multitasking
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Necessity of learning continuously and its benefits.
  • And many more topics.


  • Skill Development Lab.
  • Skill Development school.
  • Teachers Workshop.
  • Parents Workshop.
  • Exhibitions.
  • 101 Inspirational Posters.