Contribution and Achievement in the field of Skills Development for School and College Students.

  • Developed own 22 programs for Students , Parents , Teachers and Schools.
  • Designed and developed 500 plus activities for Students Skills Development.
  • Working for Students in the age group : 4yrs. To 24 yrs. i.e. K.G. to P.G
  • Developed Skills Development Lab for providing opportunities to Students to learn various Skills
  • Received “Gurusmaran Puraskar 2012” for the work in the field of Skills Development for Students. A State Level award for work in education.
  • Entered in “Limca Books of Records" for organizing "Creative flag Competition” having participation of 30379 students, in 10 days. Students from 69 Schools participated in this competition.
  • Delivered programs in 6 States in India and guided people from 7 countries. Worked at Muscat and Dubai for students .
  • Received Best Speaker Award for the speech at Muscat.
  • Delivered speech at “Vasant Vyakhyanmala" the famous speech series at Pune.
  • Delivered speech at first “Rural World Entrepreneurship Forum” in India.
  • Worked for more than One Lakh Students during last 7 years.
  • Designed and developed 101 inspirational Posters to motivate Students , Parents , teachers and School.
  • Displayed 101 Indian Flags since ancient time of India, till date in an exhibition.
  • Designed and presented the “Logo Smart Exhibition” and got approval from Limca books for its competition.
  • Designed and conceptualised “Expression of Giftedness” exhibition containing information of 101 living Indian legends and their achievements.
  • Designed and presented “World Of Puzzles” displaying 101 plus interesting puzzles.
  • Worked for many reputed organizations in the field of CSR including Tata Technologies , Kirloskars etc.
  • Planning All India Tour covering entire India , by road. This is aimed at bringing in awareness about Necessity of Skills Development for Children in Schools and providing training to Students, Parents and Teachers.