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Aruman creations founded in the year 2010 by Ravindra, Kavita and Ronak Naik .Aim of this partnership is to create awareness about the potential, capacity, interest of every child and create opportunities for them to reach to their level of competency. To reach to highest level of competency and do something in the area of interest boost the confidence of the individual which ultimately ends up in achieving great success.

Realising benefits of this for students, we continue study at minute level and with the change in circumstances, situations, increasing capacities of children we arrived at variety of activities. These activities are focussed on different areas of skills.

When it comes to Skills we are largely concern and associate them to the Hard Skills. Already there are large number of organizations catering this need nationwide.

We kept our concentration on the development of Soft Skills and Life Skills. While going through various definitions of Soft Skills we felt to keep it as “Skills which differentiate the student from others in masses, due to having special expertise in certain area.”In simple term students having awareness of Soft skills are seen some what as shown herewith.

When we thought of Life Skills we felt to keep it as “Anything and everything which makes life easy and simple for the student and their surrounding in every social context.” In simple terms students having awareness of Life Skills are making their and others life easy.

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